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Our diploma service can make
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At we offer diploma services to make custom diplomas and training certificates for small schools and companies that do in-house training.We print school diplomas for High Schools, Home Schools, Colleges, and other schools. We also do one -off diplomas and certificate for special awards and recogmition. In addition to our diploma services we sell the materials so that you can make beautiful certificates and diplomas yourself.

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If you are interested in having us make Custom Diplomas for you, or if you want to purchase supplies, feel free to use the e-mail link below to submit questions, or you may call me here in California. We will assist you in ordering your Custom Diploma service or supplies.

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Custom High school and college Diploma plaque kit Certificate Display Plaques

We have certificate display plaques in letter size ( 8.5 " X 11") and in 11" X 14"

  • We have kits: Easy assembly with a pre machined board ,bevel edged plexaglass with 4 corner hole and 4 decorative head tacks.. Line up the certificate with the plexiglass and push a tach thru the hole in the prexiglass into the piolet hole in the base. Repeat with the other three holes and tap each with a hammer to seat.
  • We have slide in plaques: You just slide the certificate into the frame/
  • We have Raise Designer frames: You just slide the certificate into the frame. I has a gold or a silver netal edge around the certificate.
  • We have Heavy paper frames and leatherette frames
  • Most frames are available in Solid wood or composite. Many in oak, walnut, cherry, flat black, black marble,Emerald marble, Burgundy marble,Topax Marble, gray marble, SatinGold , and Brushed silver finish.
Certificate display plaques

FREE Diploma Design Consultations - Call (209) 983-0019