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At we offer diploma services to make custom diplomas and training certificates for small schools and companies that do in-house training.We print school diplomas for High Schools, Home Schools, Colleges, and other schools. We also do one -off diplomas and certificate for special awards and recogmition. In addition to our diploma services we sell the materials so that you can make beautiful certificates and diplomas yourself.

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If you are interested in having us make Custom Diplomas for you, or if you want to purchase supplies, feel free to use the e-mail link below to submit questions, or you may call me here in California. We will assist you in ordering your Custom Diploma service or supplies.

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Custom Diploma Services

We offer diploma services to make custom diplomas and training certificates for small schools, home schools, and companies that do in-house training. We do Medical Fellowship Certificates, and Membership CertificatesWe are a legitimate diploma service and offer our diplomas services to schools and do not make fake degrees for people who want a degree but did not earn one. We will not put the name or logo of an organization on a custom diploma without their approval.

With our diploma services you are in control of all aspects of the design and execution of your custom diploma. With our diploma service you choose the paper, layout and design, the choice of graphics, signatures, seals used, and other elements.

Our diploma service can help you design your diploma or certificate and then merge data from an Excel database to create individual certificates.Using our siploma services you can have us create the diplomas, pdf the file and send you the file for local printing. This is important if you have offices that are geographically remote or in foreign countries. All they need is the stock of paper and the pdf file from our diploma service. In some cases we can creste a pdf file that will allow you to imput date and print locally. Most diploma services can't or won't do that. If you are having an offsite seminar and there is a misspelled name you can corrrect it at the seminar site with our diploma service.

  • Choose the size of your custom diploma. Most University and College degrees are 11 x 14 inches. Tabloid size laser printers can print on 11 x 17 inch paper. Some can go up to 13 x 19 inches. Diplomas above that size are printed on a inkjet plotter. Large format plotters usually print from paper rolls. Some Black and White plotters can accept a large sheet of parchment paper. Color plotters usually can't. Some diploma services charge a great deal of money for these over sized diplomas. I have heard that they charge up to $185.00 a diploma. Our custom diploma service is noted for our low prices , high quality, and generally do not offer these highly over priced diplomas. Our price for up to 11 x 17 color is not over $7.00. Our pricing depends on color or black and white printing and the size. We do 11 x 17 inch, 11 x 14 inch, letter size, half letter size (2 up), and 1/3 letter size (3 up on a sheet). 1/3 sheet size is typically used for gift certificates and warrantees.

  • Choose your paper. Our diploma service offers parchments like Astroparche in natural, white, or several colors. There is a large selection of papers with pre-printed border designs. Oue diploma service offers gold foiled borders, and papers with gold foil headers available in letter size, with a few in 11 x 14 inch size. I think or diploma services allow you a greater choice of papers than other custom diploma services. Most border papers are available in 24 or 28 pound text weight, with a few in 40 pound text. Astroparche is available in 60 pound text and 65 pound cover weights. A flat printed border can be incorporated into the design and laser printed with the custom diploma. Our diploma services can include custom made certificates manufactured with printed foiled headers and borders. The cost of making the dies and foiling necessitate that the order quantity be over 500 or 1,000 pieces ordered at a time. Logos or Official Seals can be hot foil stamped directly on the paper and the school name in the header can be foiled.

  • Create your own design. With our diploma service you can choose from Portrait or Landscape orientation.With our diploma service, you design your custom diploma. You can place the elements wherever you want. You choose the quantity and location of the signature lines. Choose the size and placement of solid graphics, self adhesive foil seals, and background graphics. A background graphic is a very light image ranging from a semi solid to a watermark in intensity placed behind the text. You pick the text for your custom diploma.

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FREE Diploma Design Consultations - Call (209) 983-0019